The Best Thing That Never Happened

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Angelica summing up what having responsibilities really means.

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say those three words and i’m yours

super smash bros

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Voice Actors and Actresses from Avatar The Last Airbender who came back with new characters in The Legend of Korra.

What a cool post! Once again, the hardest working fans in the business. Also, as illustrated by these graphics, if you hear a voice on ATLA/LOK there is a strong chance it was performed by Grey DeLisle. Although Dee Bradley Baker might have more screen time due to all the animal chirps and grumbles. Either way, Grey and Dee could easily voice an entire series together—just the two of them covering all the characters—and the audience would be none the wiser without checking the credits.

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Everyone knows once you make it upstairs youre safe


Everyone knows once you make it upstairs youre safe

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